2.5 It’s Always the Quiet Ones

"As Loud as a Whisper" The Enterprise is tasked with transporting a famous negotiator to a neutral location so two warring factions can begin peace talks. These factions have fought for generations and both sides are near extinction because of it. Riker, concerned for Picard's safety, does not want the Captain to lead the away... Continue Reading →

2.4 In Fair Space Verona Where we Lay our Scene

"The Outrageous Okona" Being alone in space is the theme of many a horror movie. “In space, no one can hear you scream”, well they can't hear you laugh either, or cry. When you are alone, being in space compounds that empty feeling a thousandfold. UNLESS you are this handsome bastard right here. The "Outrageous"... Continue Reading →

2.3 All Moriarty Breaks Loose

"Elementary, Dear Data" Knowing Data enjoys Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Geordi invites Data to solve a mystery in the holodeck. The two dress to the nines and fully commit to their roles as Sherlock and Watson. Things are going well, until Data immediately skips to the end of the mystery and solves it. Geordi ends the simulation... Continue Reading →

2.2 Picard is Ice Cold

"Where Silence Has Lease" YAWN. The first moments of this episode, after the Klingon calisthenics, are…a snooze. After the events of “The Child” this seems like it will be a milder episode. False. You know…I know now why the crew doesn’t play poker with Picard. He was seconds away from blowing up the Enterprise and... Continue Reading →

Trek Notes: The Unknowable

One of the things that I am beginning to learn about Star Trek: The Next Generation is that very few things get completely resolved. Or fully explained. Some things just…happen. If the Enterprise can get away from them? Awesome. But we’re never going to know what exactly that void was in “Where Silence has Lease”.... Continue Reading →

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